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Meet Hannes & Ersin: Rösterteam Coffee Circle

We are lucky enough to be working together with our friends from Coffee Circle when it comes to buying and roasting our green beans. The two main characters behind this scene are Ersin & Hannes, here comes a conversation with them about the love for specialty coffee.
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"Byproduct" Waste: Coffee Cherry

Wait, don't throw that away!
Unser Handelsmodell

Social Business Selo

Responsibility within the quality process—what does that mean in Selo?
Im Kiez

Bara, coffee roaster. A Talk.

We talked to Bara from Tres Cabezas/19grams about roasting and what she associates with coffee, the indisputable wonderful sides and the equally undeniable negative aspects.
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Sustainable Development in Selo

Globally defined goals don’t exist for institutions alone; they call all of us to action through whatever means we have available—our consumer habits, participation in events, collaboration in an initiative or through the establishments of our own endeavors.
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Behind the scenes: Natural Caffeine

Let's take a closer look!

First the Red Cherry, Then the Green Coffee Bean

How it came to be that we started bottling drinks, and how our first product is already a thing of the past.
Im Kiez

Oslo Kaffeebar

We visited our friends from the Oslo Kaffeebar. The result is this - a talk about Berlin, music and of course, coffee. Sometimes Steve might mention Twin Peaks.
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Packaging - A self reflection on our green coffee drinks

Sustainability and packaging are two hot topics these days. These topics request a lot of decision-making and re-evaluating. Have you ever wondered about all the decisions which are needed to be taken before the bottle is ready to be bought?