We don´t believe in sugar.

We discover and develop coffee with exciting products, that show that the bean can be much more than a daily wake up call. With ingredients from organic and biodynamic agriculture, that respect our nature. With respect to the people, mainly small holder farmers, who grow the coffee, fruits and flowers that our drinks are composed of.

Together with our partners, we pursue the most resource-efficient processing, packaging, storage and transport solutions possible. And with every selo drink you support this people and planet driven mission. 

With lovely greetings from Colombia

We source our sun-dried coffee beans from the Coocafé Cooperative in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia. 38 farmers take care of the harvest and processing of the organically grown Arabica coffee. Close cooperation allows us to maintain a transparent process, from cultivation to the final product. And with every kilo of coffee we buy, a fraction is donated back into the Colombian cooperative's quality-promoting structures. As of January 1, 2018, we also commit an additional 1% of our sales to invest in these same development projects to strengthen our partners and thus our own value chain.

The next generation coffee

We know where our ingredients come from and believe in ecological agriculture systems around the world. For selo green coffee, we use organic raw coffee beans that grow in Colombia and are shipped straight to the Port of Hamburg. A wonderful family business in Lower Saxony is responsible for the production and bottling - electricity from renewable energies flows there, just like in our small Berlin office. We believe in a healthy and delicious nutrition for body and soul, with honest recipes and natural ingredients.

Our vision is the next generation coffee: enjoyment, transparency and sustainability along the entire value chain.

Not too sweet, refreshing & with a lot of caffeine

All selo’s have an invigorating effect like a double espresso and are made from 100% natural, organic certified & vegan ingredients. That quenches the thirst for a lot of caffeine and low calories.

Experience the world of selo

Our drink did not happen by accident. It's about new perspectives on taste and composition, organic farming, impact and knowledge of supply chains, enthusiasm for healthy, herbal products and especially about transparency. In our Berlin based magazine we started to document backgrounds, stories and happenings from the selo world.

selo Teamin Berlin

Always awake

selo is composed of team members Annika Stuckenhoff, Benedikt Roiger, Romyna Robledo y Mendez, Laura Zumbaum, Lena Fischer, Max Boiger & Marleen Kropat. 

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