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the next generation coffee

Quench your thirst for something new with our organic refreshment based on unroasted coffee beans from Colombia, lemon, ginger and herbal giant root.  

Our Vision at a glance

The next generation coffee

Massive consumption of the exchange-traded commodity coffee weighs on the shoulders of 25 million small farmers worldwide. What exact route a coffee bean travels is often unclear, and there is substantial harm to the environment along the road. Either through conventional cultivation or how it’s packaged and transported. Some coffee beans are burned industrially and can almost only be enjoyed with plenty of milk and sugar.

We want to break through these structures. With the next generation of coffee, we change the coffee world on an aromatic, social, ecological and economic level that will consistently create more value for all involved; consumers, producers and our planet! Our project started in 2015 with the soft drink selosoda. By using the coffee cherry that was till then largely unknown in Europe (it was a so-called waste product). By using the cherry you as consumers have created an additional source of income for coffee farmers and promoted local organic farming. But this exciting raw material - a driver of sustainability - was classified as "Novel Food", similar to Chia seeds and Stevia. The result of this classification is a lengthy approval process and rapid new product development from our side.

green coffee

Refreshingly different

Green coffee beans

In our new product we do not use the usual roasted coffee beans but sun-dried ones. Which gives a fruity, fresh and mild in the taste. The coffee bean remains green when it is sun-dried, hence the minty green tone of selo green coffee.

Origin: Colombia

Transparency as the highest virtue

Origin Colombia

We get our sundried coffee beans from Colombia, from the Coocafé Cooperative in the Sierra Nevada region to be precise. 38 farmers handle; the care, harvest and processing of the organically grown Arabica coffee. Close cooperation allows us to be transparent from cultivation to the bottle & with every kilo of coffee wealth flows back into the quality-enhancing structures of the cooperative. Apart from fair and transparent trade, we follow the simple rule of re-investing 1% of our total revenues into origin.

The additional ingredients

100% organicRaw materials

Without compromise

All our Ingredients are grown organic. Next to the green coffee beans we make use of lemons from Italy, ginger from South Africa, alpine gentian from France. A hint of blue agave from Mexico is added. We strictly avoid any industrial sugars, flavors or preservatives. All raw materials are combined with spring water. Our production partner is a family business, experts in their field and ambassadors of environmental friendly processes. The production of our drink is done with renewable energies and we only use recycling glass bottles that are refilled approximately 25 times. 

selo green coffee

Low in calories, vegan, with lots of caffeine

A bottle of selo is as invigorating as a double espresso. Our green coffee is combined with refreshing lemon, spicy ginger and alpine gentian root. All ingredients come from organic farming and we work exclusively with vegan ingredients and packaging materials.

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Always awake for you

Our goal is and will always be to revolutionize the coffee trade. With a naturally caffeine-containing refreshment and a healthy alternative to artificial energy drinks and sweet lemonades. We are Benedikt Roiger, Philippe Birker, Max Boiger, Stella Leona Deppe, Romyna Robledo and Mendez, Annika Stuckenhoff, Isabelle Berns and Laura Zumbaum. Available to you at:

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