Everything else is just cold coffee

Green coffee beans, dried in the sun & in their purest, unroasted form. This is the refreshing basis of selo green coffee. Each bottle contains twice the caffeine of an espresso. The green coffee comes from the organic cooperative Coocafé from the Sierra Nevada. We rely on 100% transparency from North Colombia to Berlin and pursue a fair, personal trading model.

With every bottle sold and at least 1% of our total sales, we give back to support the infrastructure and quality development in the country of origin.

With lovely greetings from Colombia

We source our sun-dried coffee beans from the Coocafé Cooperative in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia. 38 farmers take care of the harvest and processing of the organically grown Arabica coffee. Close cooperation allows us to maintain a transparent process, from cultivation to the final product. And with every kilo of coffee we buy, a fraction is donated back into the Colombian cooperative's quality-promoting structures. As of January 1, 2018, we also commit an additional 1% of our sales to invest in these same development projects to strengthen our partners and thus our own value chain.

The next generation coffee

In our new product, selo green coffee, we use organic raw coffee beans that grow in Colombia and are shipped straight to the Port of Hamburg. The coffee bean keeps its green color when not roasted which is the culprit of selo green coffee's minty tone, bringing not just new color, but new perspective to coffee. We use all organic ingredients, combined with pure spring water. A touch of blue Agave from Mexico ensures a very subtle sweetness - we refrain from industrial sugars, flavors or preservatives. A wonderful family business in Lower Saxony is responsible for the production and bottling - electricity from renewable energies flows there, just like in our small Berlin office.

Not too sweet, refreshing & with a lot of caffeine

All selo’s have an invigorating effect like a double espresso and are made from 100% natural, bio certified & vegan ingredients. That quenches the thirst for a lot of caffeine and low calories.

Experience the world of selo

Our drink did not happen by accident. It's about new perspectives on taste and composition, organic farming, impact and knowledge of supply chains, enthusiasm for healthy, herbal products and especially about transparency. In our Berlin based magazine we started to document backgrounds, stories and happenings from the selo world.

selo Teamin Berlin

Always awake for you

selo is: Benedikt Roiger, Philippe Birker, Lena Fischer, Max Boiger, Stella Leona Deppe, Romyna Robledo, Annika Stuckenhoff, Simon Krämer & Laura Zumbaum. Available for you by e-mail at hallo_at_drinkselo.com and by phone during office hours on +49 (0) 30 - 96618812.

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