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Discover our caffeinated refreshment based on coffee cherries

Refreshingly healthy

Without unnecessary sugar added

Natural source of energy

Caffeinated like a double shot of espresso

Discovered in Panama

We believe in transparent, direct trade

Super foodCoffee fruit
100% naturalcaffeine

Coffee is a fruit

Coffee beans only represent the heart piece of juicy coffee cherries. An undiscovered, exotic fruit full of caffeine, antioxidants and flavor. No wonder farmers in Yemen and Ethiopia have been brewing a tisane out of coffee fruit for centuries. Apart from their super fruit value set, coffee cherries form a huge part of coffee crop but remain mostly unused. With selo we create economic and ecologic value.


Our farmerfrom Panama


Only a tight partnership with our friend and coffee producer Graciano Cruz from Panama can form the basis of this project. The direct, personal and transparent trading model is fundamental for all parts of our value chain.

Panama • FincaLos Lajones

Our coffee fruit is grown and processed at Los Lajones estate in Boquete, Panama, at the slopes of vulcano Barú. We are more than happy to source the cascara directly and are impressed by the farms long-term dedication to a raw material, that is still ignored in most parts of the industry. For us, it is of extreme value to see how the high standard of processing green coffee beans can be extended to the fruit as a whole.

Our producerfrom Costa Rica


Shortly after tasting the beautiful flavors of the coffee cherries grown and dried by Ricardo Perez, flights had been booked. Together with the university of San José, Ricardo has developed a way to wash and dehydrate the coffee fruit in the most careful way – to preserve the fruity aroma complexity as well as the super fruits nutritional value set.

Costa Rica • FincaHelsar de Zarcero

Fascinated by the fruity sweetness and the sustainable use of the coffee cherry, we started working with the raw material. So far, there is no fix rules in cascara production. We focused on the flavour side, a balanced cup and were amazed by that coffee fruit from Costa Ruca, grown around 2,000 meters above sea level, only two hours away from San José.

SeloCoffee fruit


Try our cascara soda with only a hint of organic fruit juices and no added sugars, colorants or flavors.


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It quickly became obvious that our goal is to introduce a consumer oriented, delicious product to create a real demand for the unknown coffee cherry. A soda that fills a gap on our saturated beverage menu, refreshing, naturally caffeinated and without additional sugars. A non-alocoholic, stimulating, naturally vegan refreshment – as well as a design piece adding value to the table. 

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